Canadian Resources

AMPS Master Penalty Document (source: CBSA)

The Master Penalty Document lists contraventions resulting from failure to comply with requirements identified in the Customs Act, Customs Tariff and related regulations. Each contravention describes the failure to comply, the associated penalty amounts, legislative, regulatory and administrative references and guidelines for application of the contravention.

AMPS Master Penalty Document (Short Version) (source: CBSA)

The Master Penalty Document in tabular form.

The Administrative Monetary Penalty System. Tips to help you verify your compliance (Source: CBSA)

Brochure includes steps and checklists for importers, carriers and CSA importers.

Harmonized System Compliance (source: CBSA)

A brief overview of requirements.

What to Expect: Secondary Services and Inspections (source: CBSA)

A brief overview of the whys and whats of Customs inspections.

CBSA Invoice Requirements (source: CBSA)

Explains the CBSA invoice requirements for commercial goods imported into Canada.

FAST Highway Carrier Application Process (source: CBSA)

Free and Secure Trade (FAST) Highway Carrier Registration application.

Policy Guidelines on the Disclosure of Customs Information (source: CBSA)

Guidance concerning the interpretation and application of section 107 of the Customs Act. Section 107 outlines how customs information may be used, to whom it may be disclosed and who may access it. Guidelines do not address the collection or retention of customs information. Includes a clause by clause analysis.

Checklist for Importing Commercial Goods (source:CBSA)

Handy one page checklist.

INCOTerms 2010

A convenient reference to Critical Points in the international transportation system, specifically in relation to the application of Incoterms to sale and purchase contracts.

Common Canadian Shipping Acronyms