Regulatory Overview

About the Customs Automated Data Exchange System (CADEX)

CADEX (Customs Automated Data Exchange System) was the first electronic data interchange (EDI) system that Canada customs offered companies to help streamline their customs operations in Canada.

The system allows B3 import data to be transmitted back and forth between customs and CADEX participants electronically over a Value-Added Network (VAN). CADEX can be used in the largest corporate mainframes right down to a personal computer, so company size is not an issue.

To become a participating member of CADEX, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) requires that your company have its computer systems tested before data is transmitted, and businesses must also cover their telecommunications costs. The final step involves posting security with customs before imported goods can be released from any customs office.

As experts in the fields of import compliance and customs processes, EDI Customs Brokers can help you meet your CADEX objectives.

The importance of CADEX is underlined by the fact that as of January 2002, 97% of commercial entry documents processed by the CCRA (now CBSA) were transmitted via CADEX. That's a tall figure, which means a lot for your company—few businesses can deny the advantages of electronically filing their B3 data directly to Customs. Our flagship import management software, Visual Importer™, is designed to exchange data with customs in the CADEX-approved format.