Regulatory Overview

About the Accelerated Commercial Release Operations Support System (ACROSS)

Unlike CSA, PIP, and other programs, ACROSS (Accelerated Commercial Release Operations Support System) is a system that is accessible to eligible importers, brokers, and carriers.

The system itself makes available a variety of cargo, conveyance, and release services such as the Pre-arrival Review System (PARS), Frequent Importer Release System (FIRST), and others that rely on EDI data transmission. The benefits of ACROSS include those of all the systems that use it, but in essence the main reward for both Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the individual importer, broker, or carrier is the replacement of paper alternatives by electronic ones. This speeds up the release processing time of commercial goods and reduces traffic congestion at border crossings.

Having witnessed ACROSS grow from infancy, EDI Customs Brokers has kept up-to-date with programs designed to use this versatile system. We have extensive experience in making sure that applications to these programs are approved by CBSA. Visual Importer™ is designed to transmit data in the CADEX format, so authorized CADEX users can speedily send customs their B3 information without missing a beat.

Transmission of import data to customs is only the last link in the chain for Visual Importer™—the real heart of the solution lies in its ability to adapt to the needs of your company through its functional scalability, which is achieved through modules that can be added to the core system based on need. A series of configurable rules help enforce compliance while different triggers in the system can be set to notify people in your company for events requiring attention. All while managing classification data for multiple countries, as well as NAFTA license, quota, and banned item information. In case of an audit, your audit trail is kept intact by keeping data consistent in all stages of the import process.