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Duty Recovery—Straightforward and Risk-Free

If your company pays duty on goods imported into Canada, a duty recovery review by an independent third party, such as MSR, could identify cost-saving opportunities as well as confirm your compliance with customs regulations.

MSR makes the duty recovery process confidential, straightforward and risk free.

As duty recovery specialists, we know that Canadian companies are paying millions of dollars more in import duties than they should every year. Duty overpayments are the result of more than just clerical errors. Some oversights we typically identify include:

  • Inaccurate end-use determination
  • Misclassification of an item
  • Incorrect valuation
  • Non-application of preferential tariff treatments

EDI Customs Brokers’ duty recovery specialists have helped reclaim many millions of dollars in overpaid duty for our clients over the years. We have experience and knowledge to help increase your profit margins and reduce your future liabilities.

We have the expertise to help you identify and resolve oversights quickly and efficiently. We also make the process confidential, straightforward and risk free.

MSR Duty Recovery is a division of EDI Customs Brokers, an MSR Customs company.