Consulting Services

The Duty Drawback Process

EDI Customs Brokers can manage your duty drawback process from start to finish with full-time and qualified professionals.

Our Certified Customs Specialists (CCS) analyze shipment records and other supporting documents to match products, parts and components with goods documented as having been imported and exported to create the audit trail required by Customs as a formal pre-requisite to the filing of any claims.

We will work to help ensure that all legal steps are adhered to in special Drawback situations—such as in the destruction of goods and how to qualify goods as obsolete or rejected.

Our review of your files is non-intrusive and does not disrupt your normal business flow. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

EDI Customs Brokers will file the K32 form on your behalf to apply for the refunds, follow up with the government on the status of your claims, and prepare and deliver a confidential report to you.

The resources we put at your disposal—certified customs specialists, process knowledge and expertise—allows you to reap the benefits of a duty drawback.