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Maximize Potential Returns, Streamline Your Duty Drawback Processes

EDI Customs Brokers has the expertise, as well as the successful track record, to help you manage your duty drawbacks.

EDI Customs Brokers make the duty drawback process confidential, straightforward and risk free.

Many companies turn to us because the drawback process can be extremely complex and labor-intensive. A successful drawback is dependent on providing customs with detailed documentation—from the importing to exporting stages—along with a complete audit trail in between.

Canadian companies can apply for a refund of their import duties under the following situations:

  • The imported goods were used to manufacture a product that was exported;
  • The imported goods were subsequently exported; or
  • The imported goods were destroyed/unused because they were obsolete, rejected or in surplus.

With our in-depth knowledge of duty classifications and the manufacturing sector, EDI Customs Brokers provides you with the skill and expertise to help you to easily establish the documentary support, as well as the legal framework to back-up your duty drawback claim.