Consulting Services

Lasting Solutions for Achieving Customs Compliance

EDI Customs Brokers has a range of consulting services that can strengthen and streamline your Customs processes, from tariff management and duty recovery to compliance practices.

We have shown businesses of all sizes and in all industries how to be more efficient, such as reducing carrying charges and landed costs. We have also helped our clients enhance their compliance with laws and regulations that are becoming more complex.

Through our extensive expertise and experience, we can aid in identifying commodity classifications for you, help you get refunds on duty overpayments, set up proper compliance structures, and much more.

Our Customs Consulting services include:

  • Duty Recovery
  • Duty Drawback
  • AMPS Assessment
  • Regulation Assistance
  • Customs Strategic Planning
  • Electronic Trade Strategies
  • Customs Advisory Services
  • International Trade Strategies
  • Expert Duty Auditing and Optimization
  • Periodic Verification Audits

Our licensed Customs Brokers have expertise in many aspects of the import/export process. We have helped hundreds of clients recover significant sums of money by identifying and resolving duty overpayment issues. (For more detailed information on our duty recovery services, please visit our Duty Recovery and Tax Rebate Services website)).