Brokerage Services

EDI Customs Brokers' Commitment to You

Because Customs laws and regulations are becoming more demanding, EDI Customs Brokers offers more than just a Customs clearance service.

Since Customs laws and regulations are becoming more demanding, we offer a range of resources and services that can be tailored to suit your needs and enhance your compliance, keeping your supply chain moving efficiently. These resources and services include:

Experienced Customs Brokers

EDI's team of licensed Customs Brokers consists of qualified and experienced experts who advise you on a range of Customs issues, from tariff classification and valuation, and compliance management to accounting/billing, and duty recovery and drawback.

Advanced Customs Clearance Technology

EDI is a division of MSR Customs, who have been developing, deploying and supporting world-class import/export Customs and supply chain solutions for more than 30 years. EDI uses these solutions to enhance the efficiency of your supply chain and logistics cycle.

In-depth Industry Sector Knowledge

Our expertise includes understanding and know-how spanning a broad cross-section of North American businesses, including manufacturers and distributors in the automotive, electronics, cosmetics, chemicals, textiles, machinery, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, and household appliance industry sectors. We understand the major issues facing different industry sectors and how to resolve them.

Personal Service

To provide the highest standard of service, your business will work with a designated licensed Customs Broker or Certified Customs Specialist. This gives you a single point of contact in EDI, ensuring accessibility and quality of service.

Regular Reporting

Regular reports are also provided for enhanced management controls over your import processes. Reports can cover import transactions over a pre-determined period or be generated in "real time" to show the release status of your shipments at Customs. Reports can also be prepared by sorting data across a range of criteria such as by B3 entries, billing statements, carrier, port, importer, and transaction number.

Professional Results

The resources we put at your disposal—licensed Customs Brokers, state-of-the-art technology and industry knowledge—allow you to achieve the following objectives:

  • Faster clearance of goods
  • Reduced clearance costs
  • Reduced Duty and Tax Liabilities
  • Increased Customs Compliance
  • Efficient accounting and billing
  • Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility

Transportation that fit your specific needs

EDI Customs Brokers also provides you with transportation services that fits your specific needs—northbound shipments, southbound shipments, warehousing options, distribution, and more.

Our transportation service is flexible enough to meet your short-term needs and add the capacity where you require it.