About EDI

Our Work with Canadian Colleges

In conjunction with EDI Customs Brokers, MSR Customs provides Canadian colleges with its Visual Importer™ solution to help students involved in customs, transportation and supply chain courses learn how to use state-of-the-art technology to broaden their skills and meet the more demanding requirements of Canadian customs.

Among the colleges using Visual Importer™ as part of their curriculum are Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology and Sir Sandford Fleming.

These post-secondary institutions have embraced Visual Importer™ not only for its functional capabilities, but also because it is widely used by companies across Canada for efficiently clearing goods through customs, keeping landed costs to a minimum, and ensuring a high level of compliance with import rules and regulations.

For more than a decade, MSR has provided the Visual Importer™ solution as part of Seneca's International Transportation and Customs Administration diploma program. In association with this program, we have been given the privilege of awarding MSR Customs Automation Certificates to graduating Seneca students.

We have also helped to arrange field trips to carrier companies, 3PL providers, and warehouse operations, so that students can see for themselves how people, processes and technology combine to ensure a smooth flow of goods through customs border crossings.